Haha ok we don't do that, but iPad is really versatile and I can just prop it up with anything, eg with small pillow when I'm reading in bed.

For those who have been using iPhone and have kids conquering the phone, would appreciate the bigger screen on iPad. Ok, I admit it, we're one of those geeks who have plenty of free and purchased apps for the toddler. Of course there are some skeptics, but it's not that she's using iPhone for long period, nor is she hooked on it. That's not the first thing she looks for in the morning, nor does she get withdrawal symptoms not playing with it. (Non believers should stop reading, NOW).

I think it is good when she does her anagram, spelling, colouring on iPad coz it has a bigger screen. I have to admit it's easier to read my textbook on the iPad rather than on the iPhone. I love that I can put my PDF textbooks on iBook and DH purchased iSilo too. Grainger (2 volumes, 5 inches thick) and Dahnert (1.5 inches thick) are 2 essential textbooks for my upcoming professional exam (insha Allah)... and it's too easy to have it in electronic form rather than lugging it around *yay*.

A typical situation would be: mom uses iPad, daughter uses iPhone, but mom has to take a call, passes the iPad to her. And mom gets to capture a beautiful, geeky moment in her toddler's life:


7 Response to "iPad"

  1. Farhana Says:

    u should see what's happening in our department, growth of ipad owners and increasing interest in it too! u know, you and arianna kind of started it! All Hail... ;-)

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hahaha... wait who else? You, Anis, Kok Beng... more coming? Haha and Fiza blamed me for the netbook craze last year :))

  3. Farhana Says:

    Sanveer just got his. And beh also seems very interested ;-)

  4. Hanim Says:

    Yay! Means we'll benefit whenever one gets to know of a new app :))

  5. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    How do you find ipad as opposed to netbooks? Netbooks ada keyboards and easy for typing/surfing right? Am still contemplating whether its a worthy buy. Btw, u said that there are toddler games for ipad too? Best ke? Examples?

  6. Hanim Says:

    Same answer on my FB :) :

    Netbook wasn't approved by her.Too slow,no touch screen.And I was afraid of the joint of keyboard n screen.iPad is fast. So far she hasn't typed on iPad but I'm ok typing on iPad.I surf using iPad or pc. Netbook dah dilupakan *kesian Dell*.

    Games penuh gila in here, mainly because spillover from iPhone games.I like the coloring app, anagrams,hmmm nnt I tgk balik the apps.

  7. Hanim Says:

    shucks.. why did I say geek? I meant techie

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