iPad vs. netbook

I'm no gadget freak, but I'd buy something that's practical. These pics are actually from my FB from last year and this year.

That Dell netbook is almost 2 years old now, had it for as long as I've been blogging. Took it during our cuti-cuti Malaysia, when I went for entrance exam/interview, brought it along to study for exam. And that netbook in Starbucks, well that was actually in Pantai when I was waiting for my appointment with the doctors. That was my birthday gift when I joined 3 series club :D

And iPad.. gotta thank @Wieraz who came back from US for summer holidays. I got the 32Gb with wifi. Mid range iPad, because the initial target was for the lil one, it wasn't for me. Still plenty of space despite apps bouncing off the screen, waiting for OS upgrade so I can put things into folders- just like the iPhone.

Keyboard - qwerty is good on Dell, the on screen keyboard takes no time to get used to
Screen - sharp touchscreen on iP
Speed - unfair coz that Intel Atom ws 2 years ago, compared to the powerful A4 chip
Apps - more kiddies apps on iP
Textbooks/lecture notes - no difference, although I quite like iPad a tad better
Connectivity, battery life - almost the same. That bit, ask our personal networking guy :p

I keep it simple, I make do with whichever gadget I bring along. Eg: Blogger doesn't run well on iPad, can't run flash. On the other hand, holding a netbook with the hinge is kinda scary with a toddler around.

That's my two cents' worth- from a mommy's point of view.


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