Sunday lunch

(flash reflected by mirrors, sorry for the bad pic)

We went to see Dr. Eric for the 4th time, but at his clinic in Sri Petaling. Coincidentally it's the same area with the restaurant (DH has been dying to bring us there)
We had:
  • Macaroni Tuna
  • Mendy Lamb with Al Diafah Rice
  • Falafel Sandwich
  • Mango drink
She passed on the macaroni, and had lamb instead. She had minced lamb before, I guess with 7 teeth she can eat carnivor style *LOL*

Ambience, food definitely surpass Al Rawsha in Jalan Damai (didn't blog about it due to slow service, and didn't entice my lil girl).


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  1. raylis Says:

    salaam hanim,

    hmmm where's this?
    bandar sri petaling?
    looks good, mahal tak? al-rawsha was ok tapi REALLY expensive!

  2. Hanim Says:

    salaa Ray.. yeah bandar sri petaling, very near to Carrefour. food sedap, much better than Al-Rawsha. But more expensive. but the service is great! and they have kurma on the table, and muffin while waiting for the bill.

  3. syaz Says:

    really? Alrite.. someday maybe.. :D
    hmm.. anyway... hv u guys tried naab?
    I likeee.. plus cheaper than most arabian-nite restaurant!

  4. Hanim Says:

    Where's Naab, Syaz?

  5. raylis Says:

    salaam hanim,
    tried this place tonight! :D
    very happy with the food, preferred the kebab but the rice was flavourful and A LOT!
    good thing we didn't order the samosa.
    will definitely go there again, inshaa Allaah!
    wanna try the hummus and maybe more kebab hah :p
    how was the macaroni tuna though?

  6. Hanim Says:

    Salaam Ray...

    Yeah we could share the rice between the 3 of us! The tuna pasta wasn't great. Maybe I'm used to creamy italian style.

    We can only order 2 dishes at one sitting (unless soem family, or friends are around). Definitely have to go there again to try more dishes.

    BTW the kurma shop downstairs - yummy too!

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