unfortunate incidents of Arianna's mom with cars

  • reversed and hit a double parked car (not my fault) - pre uni days
  • got told off for driving fast (uni days, but DH was driving)
  • did I have a flat tyre in Penang? Had to jumpstart once
  • someone stole my W off the plate number (HUKM days)
  • hit the central divider and swerved 3 lanes to the left (post call)
  • hit the toll booth gate (it opened too slow, and I was rushing home for breaking Ramadhan fast)
  • got lost in PJ while going to pick up my new car (post call 36 hours in labour room)
  • got a flat tyre early morning (post night shift ED)
  • had a scratch at front bumper (small parking space with double parked cars)
  • driver dented my car...hallloooo parked car ok?!
  • small scratch on bumper by a patient's car?
  • today... as I went to submit my masters form... a flat tyre, thank God we were home, DH was driving


2[tahyuhr]  Show IPA ,noun, verb, tired, tir⋅ing.
1.a ring or band of rubber, either solid or hollow and inflated, or of metal, placed over the rim of a wheel to provide traction, resistance to wear, or other desirable properties.
2.a metal band attached to the outside of the felloes and forming the tread of a wagon wheel.
–verb (used with object) furnish with tires.
Also, Britishtyre.


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