pocket diaper for sale

I'm no pocket lover.
I bought this green Coolababy (it comes with 2 microfibre insert) because:
  1. I don't have a green colour diaper
  2. I was curious what's a pocket diaper
I bought it maybe 2 months ago, used it 10 times the most.
I bought it at RM46, so I'm selling it off at RM35 o.n.o.

I'd stick to AIO, AI2, fitted. Pocket doesn't work for me coz I don't have other pocket CD to work with, thus it wouldn't be a cheaper option.

Any takers? Leave me a note.


7 Response to "pocket diaper for sale"

  1. MADAM:ZOORA Says:

    i am with you.. prefer AIO.. even fitted is better for me than pockets.. maybe pockets just dont suit us like it does to others.. i have the same coolababy, in the same colour. I used it in emergency cases.. like diapers tak kering ke.. need to bring lighter back pack ke.. are you sure you're giving it up??

  2. Hanz Says:

    hemmm..i always like pocket, the 1st type i ever tried & encourage me to CD-ing...perhaps my recent post on pocket review could influence u some how? I like AIO too but just wishing it dries faster & AI2 also loves it..& funnily i never like fitted! LOL..taste masing2, right?

  3. Hanim Says:

    Hanz...i bought it eralier. I read a few ppl liked Coola..

    Actually it was Zoora's review that made me buy it haha.

    Pocket can't contain her pee with just 2 microfibre insert. Add in more insert, bulky plak.

  4. Ummi Hanie Says:

    Salam ..

    what is AIO ?

    me also recently interested in knowing more about cds .. not trying 'em yet

  5. Hanim Says:

    AIO - all in one
    AI2 - all in 2

    Cuba tgk label post i under cloth diapering, ada post yg cerita psl terms dia.

    I start CD masa 11-12 bulan :) tu pun part time mlm2 je. siang2 atok2 dia suka disposables.

  6. Rozy Says:

    Hanim dear, you can't sell coola at that price as new item is sold at RM35, some web is even cheaper..

  7. Hanim Says:

    Hahaha Rozy... ye ke?? In that case it'll be back in the unused stash (that includes the fitted) coz we're just in love with IttiBitti and Grobaby.

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