Happy Mother's Day to all mothers

This is a day late, but I've only got home :0

We stayed at Corus, PD is the nearest beach DH can think of. Daddy and daddy's girl love the sand, something we guessed when we were in Cherating. It's 1.5 hours away, real short drive especially when Arianna decides to take her afternoon nap the whole way. We weren't exactly celebrating mother's day, just so happen it's a 3 day weekend due to Wesak Day. Corus was packed, treasure hunt, courses, meetings going on during the weekend.

After the short break at the beach, we headed to another hotel an hour away. Stay tuned.

Oh when we came back, the maid wasn't home. She helped herself out of the house to meet her sister and sent her off to Klang? She arrived back 2 hours after we got home. We've already locked up, so she had to ring the doorbell. Nothing was missing, so she probably did see her sister?! DH told me to let her in. PIL has some things to do, and they're away from morning till night. Opportunistic maid!! She could actually go off for a few hours. Imagine if we were home later, we wouldn't have noticed she was gone.

This deserves another post, but will have to wait for PIL for next course of action.
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3 Response to "Happy Mother's Day to all mothers"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I just mentioned to my husband during packing for the Morib trip last weekend, "I dont think I like travelling..esp when the kids are still small..". Because I have to pack for five! Nasib baik husband pack sendiri.

    So no beach for me in this near future.

    Tapi budak2 mmg suka sand & sea (or water) kan? I ni terlalu risau, habis sapu sublock kat budak2 ni..biar lah lelaki pun :P

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    Oh btw I'm staying tune for the maid story. I totally know how it feels like when u reached home and suddenly she's not there...

  3. Hanim Says:

    (argh td dah type)

    Maid's story is up. She's still here btw.

    Uih kitorg pegi ber3 pun penuh kereta. Really can't imagine 4 kids. But they have so much fun at the beach... she had walked in the Cherating sand at 10mths and sheloved it. That's why DH wanted to bring her to the beach again, and again.

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