Child-led weaning or Nursing strike?

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From Kellymom:

From La Leche League International:
Possible Causes of a Nursing Strike

Wed: <1oz
Thurs: 1oz
Fri: 1.5oz

I just have to keep pumping in the mean time. It's hard to get a letdown! But stressing about it it's not gonna make it any better. She's refusing to BF still. She has slowly cut down, last week she nursed for a while and then just grinned... with dripping BM around her mouth *too cute*. I did mention to DH, and wondered if BM tasted different to her.

My plan of getting sick with her backfired. I wanted her to get passive immunity form BF, but since she didn't BF, I'm left with just the disease *sheesh*. Apparently I'm not fighting it well, I'm feverish again, so off to the clinic in the morning.


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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I think I'm guilty with some points mentioned on "mother's part that can make baby refuse to nurse" :(
    But defintely not the last point lah. Half of the time when nursing her, her brothers will be around..and yes, most of the times my bedroom will be the place for them to hang out or come in and out to ask something, ask permission on something..mengadu yg Armand bantai one of them it's kind of hard to restrain myself from barking out something! Too much multitasking here..

    However, alhamdulillah, Zuleyka is still nursing like normal. It's just that she now prefers the left over the right. Aiyah. Dah la mmg kanan semulajadi besar sikit..? With the left she treats as main-main..after a few minutes, tugging and latch off and latch on willstart..any say on this..?

  2. Hanim Says:

    Arianna mmg distractable...suka suka latch on latch off... and she'd prefer one over the other, according to her mood.

    Maybe the stress of me moving to a new workplace, trauma of being gived meds... turned her off mommy's b**bs?

    Wow, can't imagine BF with the boys around. Sure havoc?

  3. nadnye Says:

    Sarah pun sama easily distract.. and with the two boys... hmmm what can I say.. kene usher keluar semua baru bole bf dengan aman

  4. Hanim Says:

    hehe so rupanya distracted babies nih...mmg a real problem to us BF moms :)

    Err... I think I have to make another entry.. coz I'm ex BF mom sadly

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