weekend break

An hour journey from PD, we then stayed at Palace of Golden Horses. Arianna's checking out the palatial facade :pDidn't want to drive to Mines, so we took the boat instead. RM17 per person per trip : hotel-Mines (I think driving would be cheaper, but more hassle, U turns here and there, chaotic parking)

Our usual activity: swimming at the hotel pool. No swimming in the ocean yet.Quite a few achievement from this trip:
  • able to float
  • said guyap - gelap
  • said Akbar - Allahu Akbar (solat)
  • said come in 
  • more mobile (she thinks she's a fish on land)
She doesn't speak much except for commands (haha!)
  • says up
  • says out
  • says mamam
  • calls all 6 at home (mom, baba, wah- wan, mama, bik, ook -the cat)
  • vroom indicates car
Commands thru action
  • waves come here
  • waves bye bye
  • goes over/under
  • pickes her own snacks (raisins/biscuits/cereal/jelly)
  • holds hand up - for dukung


2 Response to "weekend break"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    bestnye mandi manda d kolam renang

  2. Hanim Says:

    Mama Tiara... tapi paeds ckp stay away from the pool *sob, sob* Dia kata tak bersih, so maybe that's where Arianna dpt sakit.

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