road to recovery

(supposed to be yesterday's entry)

Woke up earlier at 9-10 despite sleeping at 12.30am on Friday night. She had her 5th dose of 'Zithromax' Azithromycin antibiotics. 

Breakfast with daddy in bed (can't remember what) but she threw up after a bout of coughing. Great! Better out than in (phlegm that is)

She had mango yogurt drink and cornflakes, but skipped that after seeing her dish of the day: Cheesy Penne Pasta.

Then we went off to mom's house. There, she joined the ladies for lunch (mom, aunt, sis, niece and myself). Surprisingly she ate more (little bits and pieces la):
  • apam
  • karipap
  • kek lapis
  • nasi impit (only 1 cube though)
  • nasi lemak
  • kuah dalca (with nasi lemak)
  • roti canai
Funny, because she took a small piece (1/8th) of roti canai from Kakak Lyssa's plate. Despite serving nasi lemak specially for Arianna, she went on to eat nasi lemak from Alyssa's plate. Her way of saying, I love you, Kakak Alyssa?

We went home after going to Tesco. She was still in cookie-monster-mode. She practically wanted everything in sight:
  • (mommy's) Twister drink 
  • red bean bun
  • pizza bun
  • Iko biscuit (took 1/4 threw 1 3/4 away)
  • jellies and more jellies
  • chow mein noodles
  • cous cous (bleah... she only took 2 spoonful)
We had supper (DH was hungry). We had cheese scrambled egg and bun. She ate that too!! Slept like log from 10pm-9am.


3 Response to "road to recovery"

  1. CuppyCakeMommy Says:

    wahhh..its all about food..yumm kan makan2 ni..heheheh

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    Wah, Arianna the cookie monster? Haa haa..
    Alhamdulillah..glad to know that she's getting better. I hope you get to ganti all your sleep later :D

  3. Hanim Says:

    CCM... yummy bila tgk dia mkn byk.

    Millie.. dah 4 nights dia tak demam, so dah terganti la tido tuh :)

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