nap time

She's down for her 2nd nap of the day at 6pm!
These days..she still takes 2 naps. 
  1. Used to be midmorning. Now she sleeps at 11/12pm
  2. Afternoon nap is getting later. 4/5 or even as late as 6pm.
Bed time is no longer 10pm. She's tucking in at 10.30-11pm. Argh she went to bed at midnight the other day. I was feverish last night, but I knew she slept past 11pm.

Past 1 week she has been sick, she woke up (read: mom woke her up for meds) at 7+am and continued sleeping till 11-12!! This is so weird for her.

She still indicate her sleepiness by sucking her thumb and holding her blue blankie Charlie Brown's friend: Linus style. Now she switches off the floorlight as well.


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