colicky toddler

As if it wasn't enough of flu, recent attack on HKL docs... I'm sleep deprived coz she has loose stool past 3 nights with colic (grunting, curling up, flatulence). I think this was the cause: Pure Goat's Milk PowderShe took a little bit from Tok Wan's mug. But she had fresh goat's milk before:
So, one night she had pooped and silly mommy did not realise it. Diaper rash the next morning :( Well it wasn't extensive, maybe just 1cm of it? Since I'm cloth diapering, I'm no longer using Bepanthen, instead this sweeter smelling (but more expensive) balm works wonders!


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  1. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    owh dear! I hope arianna is feeling much better now.... i never try goat's milk before and it wud be great if you cud shed some lights....

    the earth mama products work well for areya too....

  2. nadnye Says:

    u know what i'm using for baby bottom to prevent rashes... tepung ubi.. it work wonders for Sarah...
    cheap yet effective..

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Kesian Arianna..and kesian mama too! I pun slalu nya rasa bersalah kalau tak perasan budak2 ni poopoo..sebab lambat salin sikit mesti merahhh. I love this product too. Smells sweet, kan?

    I hope Arianna is feeling better now. Kalau kita sakit perut pun rasa terseksa..ini kan dia :(

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Anis.. goat's milk because she was allergic to cow's milk previously. Plus FIL drinks it too :) But I know susu kambing has lots of use in Islam point of view.

    @Nadnye... dulu2 Pureen bedak bayi used corn starch as it's ingredient :) I've never used it though. Next baby, will keep that in mind - thanks.

    @Millie... I just started using EMAB baby bottom coz CD. Before this I was using Bepanthen. Expensive, but wonderful product!!

  5. syaz Says:

    I also like the bottom balm!
    So sedap the bauuu.. :D
    But so mahal as welll :P
    kecik jek kan for RM39 i think..

  6. Muna Says:

    love EMAB!
    it works for big people too..
    the zits, cuts and all too..
    hehe...go earth mama!

  7. Hanim Says:

    @Syaz..expensive kan? no chance of getting it cheaper if we buy from US?

    @Muna.. hey hey u're back. I've used it for my burn the other day :)

  8. farrahar Says:

    Hieee Hanim!!

    EMAB Bottom Balm is expensive, no doubt about it. RM29.90 per small jar. But believe it or not, I am still on my SECOND small jar of Bottom Balm. And I started using the EMAB Bottom Balm ever since my son was a newborn! Such a HUGE saving for me!


  9. Hanim Says:

    @Farrah..hmm I think I use more than u :)I think I'm quarter way through the small jar. But I used a bit for my burn... maybe that's why.

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