runaway maid....

..or so I thought when we came back yesterday. She wasn't in her room, but she wasn't upstairs either. Found her note to my PIL saying she's sorry but gotta go off and do something.

We came back at 1pm (after 2 nights away), while PIL went for a day trip (left at 6.30am).

She had the back door key coz it was too early to tend to the gardens. She did lock the back door when she went out. But the small gate was unlocked when we got home. 

I locked up the she had no choice but to ring the bell when she got home 2 hours later.

I asked where/how/why she went out. This morning she had another round of questioning from PIL. There are some discrepencies in her facts.

To her: she did her job as usual yesterday. And she was acting/eating the same today. 

To us: not to trust her... but to keep her? She's a big help for the household chores bit.


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  1. Wawa Says:

    so what happen?

    keep us updated okeh.

  2. nadnye Says:

    better to get a new maid.. from my past experience, they cannot be trusted.... but it's up to you.. memang susahkan .. keluar tak cakap main suka2 jea...

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Huh I totally know the FEELING of suddenly couldnt find the maid in the house. One ran away days before Zuleyka was born. The present one sneaked out (I call it LARI jugak) to the agent's house down the road. TWICE, in the first 6 weeks. I kept thinking "whatever else am I doing wrong? I can't be a lembik majikan, I still have to correct her, but tegur sternly pun lari, tegur lembut pun lari". Bagi kang baru tahu haa haa..! Sorry ye if I've told u this story before. I know I;ve told a mommy blogger once, not sure who..pelupa dah ni.

    She's still with us, nak masuk 11 bulan. Well, like u said, they're a big help with the chores and in my case, sometimes with the kids too. Mine has improved a lot since her "runaway days"..tapi I memang tak bagi muka, I very komando. Bukanlah nak marah je ;P tapi sekali sekala kena tegur jugak. If not sure they naik lemak one.

  4. syaz Says:

    I komando jugak. She talks too much. N byk komplen. Nangis2 to agent. Also nangis2 depan I ckp kwn dia pinjam duit tak ganti. Oh my.. Baru masuk keje seminggu dah drama. Last2 dia berenti immediately after dpt gaji d 3rd mth. Ya, work for 3 mths only. I pay mahal ok. Whatever lah.. Now malas nak ada maid. Tapi, sian pulak my parents jaga Ari. Sure penatnyer.. Uughh.. Camne ye?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    as per my friend...maid is an evil necessity....*sigh*

  6. notti netti Says:

    Nak cari maid yang betul2 nak work secara ikhlas sekarang, amatlah susah kan?.

  7. SOHO Mama Says:

    Ni nak jadi "chat room" sekali lah ni..*tumpang chat kat sini ye Hanim :D *

    Syaz, rasa bersalah pulak kalau parents jaga anak kita, kan? Yes of course they'll say "takpelah, kesian kalau tinggal kat daycare" but they're not getting younger..sedangkan I ni kalau jaga anak2 I sorang2 pun boleh semput :P

    My mother pun sama tu. Baru2 ni adik bongsu I dah pindah balik KL so baby dia (6mo) kat daycare kat sana. So tinggal sorang 9mo & 3yo dgn my mom ni (my other sister's kids - her maid of 2mths just ran away!). But even with the maid before, she still drops them all off at my mom's. Susah nak percaya, sebab maid tu baru. Skrg dh lari pulak.

    That's why I decided to be a WAHM. Sibuk2 pun, slalunya kat rumah, nampak jugak maid buat apa esp dgn anak2. Tapi ye lah, bukan semua org boleh/nak jadi WAHM.

    Kalau ada nanny ok jugak kan? Mcm The Nanny's Diaries. Atau kat channel 733 tu..The Nanny's School ke apa..

  8. Anonymous Says:

    our first maid lari lepas about a year keje with us. tapi bukan actually lari la. dia bagi notice 24 jam, tak nak keje dah. nak keje tempat lain. nak halang pon tak boleh. so biar je la.

    few months after that, tgh2 carik2 agent, tup2 ada agent yg ada 'in-stock' maid. kena tipu ngan agent dari belah sana, they actually suppose to go back to indon ..bla bla bla ntah macam mana. so masa tu ada 2 org available.

    so i pegi to the agent bawak budak2 tu..ask them to pick one. hehe. ALhamdulillah, they pick the right one. a bit slow la buat keje. but pandai jaga the kids. tak reti masak sgt, tapi takde la sampai terbakar dapur :p

    nak carik yg perfect susah, kalau yg pandai sgt, ada je jalan dia nak lari (like my first one tu la). macam Mcgyver dia tu. semua boleh!

  9. Hanim Says:

    Evil necessity.. hehe I like that, Nik.

    Nadnye.. u ada maid lagi tak now?

    Wawa tak pakai maid ke? Coz ur blog tak pernah lak mention sakit kepala pasal maid.

    Syaz.. u hntr Ari pegi umah ur parents? Ur parents takde maid?

    Millie, Farid... senang sket ada maid in terms of kemas umah, basuh baju. But rest still byk sendiri buat (maid is never left alone with baby).

  10. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    owh dear! we're contemplating to get a maid or just engage a part-time cleaner yg datang 2x/week.... but honestly la hanim, if I'm expecting another kid, I have to have a maid otherwise, patah riuk la tulang I trying to finish those endless househores, mana lagi with areya's classes, reading, activities at home.... gosh! ada susah, tak ada pun susah.....

    I hope your maid has learned her lesson after the incident.....

  11. Anonymous Says:


    having a maid is really a myself..having a 4 -year old son and 1 year old twins (boy and girl)...a maid is a big help. tp...indon ni mmg takleh caye....we treat them as family pun..lari jugak..tension2...i think there should be a blog or some kind of website for employers that post their runaway maid's photos. by doing so...those who might have seen the maid..can give the employer a call/info..something need to be done..or else..maid2 ni will think that..lari pun xper..bukan kena ape2 pun..since when we make a police just stays as a "report" action's taken..

  12. Hanim Says:

    Dear Anon,

    I think we should do that...except that we didn't have a pic of our prev maid who ran away after 2 weeks. i have pics of this current maid, and definitely will plaster it on FB, blogs if she runs away.

  13. SOHO Mama Says:

    Yes I agree with Anon & Hanim..never thot about that before..

    Eh Hanim u still awake ah? I, ada keja lagi ni. SOHO I dh jadi mcm tmn bunga dah ni :D

  14. nadnye Says:

    I ada maid, new one.. tapi this one dah pernah keje ngan my cousin so background dia okay... dah keje lebih kurang 4 bulan.. so far so good... much2 better than previous one.. tapi yea la maid baru pun nasib, kalu dapat lagi teruk... kene solat istikarah la..
    My ex maid nie dah nak hantar balik tapi tunggu dia tak sampai2 kat Port Klang, buat polis report sama kes macam cik Anom, kebetulan my friends terjumpa dia kat taska tapi malas nak intefere dah... meluat la

  15. Mommy at Home Says:

    hi there,

    I think cerita about maid ni is like a never-ending story. I finally bowed down to pressure to have one after having my second child. However, unfortunately for me I got a real lousy one when I was still in confinement, nasib baik I didn't get the Baby Blues!

    My current one who replaced her is not much better. Boleh lah buat kerja2 rumah like ironing (although the clothes are sent again and again sbb iron tak betul) and general cleaning but quite cincai. I'm sure her motto is "asal siap".

    Masak; fail since everything she fries is hangus. As for childcare, she's not allowed to touch my kids. She's here purely to help around the house since I am a SAHM. Furthermore, since I am the eldest, I always have siblings and my mom & dad who are always willing to babysit if I need some me time or dating time with the husband, so why leave with the maid kan?

    Since staying with me, my maid terus jadi orang putih, breakfast is pancake with Tetley tea. Bukan main lagi.

    Anyway, was directed to your blog by Hanna and Muna as they told me that we live in the same area. I hope I don't sound stalker-ish :D

  16. Hanim Says:

    Hi Mommy at Home...

    Any friends of Hanna&Muna are most welcomed :)
    Urgh.. maids... if they're around, they're of some help, but we have survived without them.

    My maid is still with us. But my MIL wouldn't be surprised if she goes off, as the maid kept telling her that others are getting RM700-RM800 per month, with food and lodging if they work in a restaurant.

    I'd rather pay a Filipino that amount of money, if there are more Muslim ones in Malaysia.

  17. Mommy at Home Says:

    Tu lah, I heard that most of the maids run away because they want to work in restaurants. I suppose they don't think about the longer working hours and the fact that they'll be on their feet for 12 hours. If they work in a home, they'll be more relaxed actually, mine actually has time for naps when I hardly do! My husband and I pun agree that if only there were more Muslim Filipino maids around, we'd rather hire them. Somehow, you seldom (I've never actually) hear about the Filipinos running away or bringing men balik rumah. I wonder why is that so?

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