frustrating food journey at 16 months

I thought I lost it, she was very picky... thus no food entries, blogged on other stuff instead. She wants different food, something common, not something that mommy-has-specially-prepared-for picky-eater 
*shaking my head*

Boiled eggs - still into it.
Broccoli - last month okay, this month no.
Scrambled egg, blanched asparagus, chicken pasta (into mom's tum).

Spiral Pomodoro - acceptable (made for the BW/BF/CD gathering)

Salmon soup - only cauliflower and broccoli got her attention.

Angel hair spaghetti with spinach and tomato swirl - no luck.
Chinese Fried Rice - no luck this month.

Creamy Penne Pasta - as long as it's hot, with dripping cream sauce


8 Response to "frustrating food journey at 16 months"

  1. rumiza Says:

    It shows that Arianna is a big girl already.. she knows what gud for her!
    Haha stuff that makes every mom fenin!

    btw i think that u've done a good job as a buzy working mom.and ur deco for d food also cantekla..if i were ur kid, habis dah i makan!

  2. Welles Tan Says:

    Interesting food photos!

  3. Sue Rosly Says:

    Want to wish all mother, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. :D

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Rumiza...the joys of motherhood :)

    @Welles Tan... thanks, you're too kind :D

    @Sue... Happy Mother's Day to u too!

  5. raylis Says:

    maybe she wants more flavour, like what we have as adults! ;)
    that's what happened to my son..

  6. farrahar Says:

    Wow! U're such a rajin cook! Must be yummy!

  7. eLLe Says:

    wow... if i cooked all these, and amir tak makan.... i'd be so stress n quit cooking .. obviously u have more determination...... hope arianna gets her appetite back coz all those looks yummmy!


  8. Hanim Says:

    @Ray... I think so too :) I think I shouldn't be stingy on salt. After all she is eating out. I haven't been using salt, just used cheese, a little of oyster sauce for the salty taste.

    @Farrah... she's a picky eater, I had no other choice. If not... tak makan la anak I sorang tuh

    @Elle... I did survive my med school :p I think I need a menu revamp.

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