17 months

  • Babbling more
  • ...but more often she uses the right index finger to point out her needs
  • Has 2 molars coming
  • ... and 1 lower incisor - all 3 at the same time
  • Loves chocolates/choc drink
  • ... but daddy bought java chip drink from Starbucks?!caffeine???!!!
  • Picky, picky eater
  • ... but eating more table food like ikan kari, ikan asam pedas, murtabak
  • Refuses her highchair
  • ... wants to sit on the normal dining chair
  • Separation anxiety only with daddy, not mommy
  • ... will throw a Hindustani like episode every morning for daddy dearest
  • Brushes her teeth
  • ... or rather playing with the electric toothbrush
  • Still pretty shy around guys
  • ... and hides her face (hand or blankie)
  • She's teething, and last night had cupcakes and fruits for dinner
  • ... just fruits for lunch
*mom is praying hard for this stage to be over*


(I had 2, so that I can arrange it back in the box)

Cupcakes courtesy of Aunt Rayhana *THANKS A MILLION*
Not too sweet, just nice.
The icing is not overwhelming, you can always scrap it off if you want to, but hey...kids need the pretty decorative icing, and the sugar rush occasionally.


4 Response to "17 months"

  1. anak laut Says:

    bestnya makan cupcake ni....

  2. farrahar Says:

    Aiyooo... my son pun refuses his highchair, or just about any other highchair whenever we dine outside!!! Grrrrrrrrr...........

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Auntie Millie nak cupcake jugakkk!

    So she's a drama queen sometimes lah? My boyz will ask "where's Papa" whenever he leaves to the office earlier, before they wake up.

    Now she's having cupcakes and fruits only. After this she'll be playing with food only insted of eating he heee :)
    At least she's eating fruits. Good!!

    BTW I spy with my little eye and saw that she's wearing sposies..kdg2 pakai jugak eh..? Me kaypochi.

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Anak Laut... cupcakes version kurang manis (kecuali icing)... bagus untuk budak2 kecik ni

    @Farrah... I think our kids think they're big.. need a younger sibling to show that they're actually still kids :)

    @Millie... my CDs are for evenings/weekends. PIL still prefer sposies. CDs leak esp in their romm grr... ok je dgn I. Plus they all geli with dirty CD. Once she pooped, FIL actually sprayed the poop away, and soaked the CD in a pail with half spoon of detergent *LOL. I really really really had rinse that IB.

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