1. Yogurt: Calciyum, (adult yogurt) Nestle, Marigold, Dutch Lady, soon to try Anlene. 
  2. Yogurt drink: Calciyum, Marigold, Bliss.
  3. Milk: Dutch Lady- fresh/UHT, Tesco- fresh, F&N milk with oat , Magnolia- UHT. Plus those small bottled one. She has Milo (small boxes, or freshly mixed)
  4. Cheese
Oyher sources : chocolates, icecream, frozen togurt. Heck even though those are daddy's food, it has dairy in it. Life is supposed to be an a fun adventure *LOL. 

Pumped twice yield just 1oz


4 Response to "calcium"

  1. liz Says:

    thanks for this list. I have yet to let LO try some of them.

  2. Hanim Says:

    i think there are some missing eg photo of cheese, Liz. those are in my fridge currently.

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    My kids love calciyum & yoghurt..drinks like yakult too (5 bottles tak tahan 30minit). The vitagen lady sends packs of vitagen every 2weeks and kejap je dah habis. Big bro Amsyar somehow always know of a new product e.g. YES (small yoghurt drink by Dutch Lady I think), Brands Alpha Mind (essence of chicken for children) etc etc so he'll always "remind" me of these whenever I go grocery shopping. He got this from commercials when watching astro ceria.

    Amsyar started to dislike FM before he was 2yo. Anak sulong, so I risau. I gave him cheese, yoghurt, FC milk instead. Alhamdulillah dia suka. Adik2 dia tak berapa but they're still on FM now...

  4. Hanim Says:

    Arianna's not on FM.

    Oh yeah... Yes, Alive, Nutrigen, Vitagen, Yakult... among the drinks we've tried. Vitagen&Yakult less sweet version are still sweet. I think she prefers yogurt drink.

    Apparently Dutch Lady yogurt is very watery, so she drank it instead rather than using the spoon.

    Ooh kat Cold Storage ada Yoplait buy 1 free 1. Teringat zaman student2 makan Yoplait.

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