tea time bento

I have been preparing her tea time bento. I have packed almost daily, but never managed to take photos. I admit that blog entries are few and within. Before I blame Twitter (as most mom bloggers do), I blame it on the camera phone. Nokia N97 was a joy to use, and I quite love the camera (minus the awful flash). iPhone 3GS pics aren't quite the same.

The most successful bento: spaghetti bolognese. My efforts for Jap-style bento has not succeeded. In fact rice has failed. Pasta is better?

That seems simple enough :p - seeing she was into Spongebob. Must google more on bento... but maybe I should just give up forcing rice onto the toddler. After all, she eats rice with us- good enough.


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  1. HaniCheLat Says:

    dochanim, so cute the spongebob face. is that a french toast bread? rajin betul u. :-)

  2. Hanim Says:

    eh nooo.... that one I should've labelled properly. That's a googled pic- to give me inspiration.

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