Galaxy Tab vs iPad

Since this browser was left on my desktop, thought I should share the beautiful picture too :p I don't fancy the android phone, the on screen keyboard was more crappy than the already-crappy-for-fat fingers iPhone keyboard. I love the iPad, although I realised I haven't blogged anything about it. It's fun and the number of iPads are still growing in my workplace LOL.


2 Response to "Galaxy Tab vs iPad"

  1. Eimani's Mum Says:

    salam hanim,
    May i know where did u send Sophia for her Speech therapy?

    Eimani's mum

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hi Eimani's Mum,

    It's in PJ Jaya One. It's called Shine.

    They're really nice and call/email u. But therapies are done during weekdays/office hours only unfortunately (for me).

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