acute tonsilitis

Ok this is a googled image of Unasyn syrup. If any of my doc friends are asking..... NO I haven't moved to Pfizer, or any drug company for that matter. My kid just have to take the original drugs, not the generic ones.

She was back at school last week, however on Monday she came back with runny nose. Spiked temperature throughout the night, scared shite outta the grandparents (as I went to work yesterday). We search high and low for our paediatrician, thank God he works (only one night a week) at Taman Desa Medical Centre (apart from our usual haunt Pantai Bangsar, and even his clinic in Sri Petaling).

Syrup Nurofen (ibuprofen)
Syrup Panadol (paracetamol)

... didn't work of course. Most were spitted out. I guess the next step once she's better ....

The 2010 flu vaccination has incorporated H1N1 strain inside too. And these vaccinations have different viral strains, made every 6 months tailor-made to the pattern of current viral strain. Means you have to take it every few months... not the kind of vaccination where you take only once a lifetime. I have a feeling I've been missing out on it coz Prof was chasing us to get it :-pp


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