speech progress past 1 year

The initial part of her life, struggling with breastfeeding and EBF. Then it was battle of the food. Past 1.5 years- it's her speech. And of late, potty training. But let's just recap what has happened past 1 year in terms of speech.

Dec/Jan: regular paedi referred to developmental paedi.
Jan: started Montessori.
May: progress was slow, paedi recommended speech therapy.
June: started speech therapy.
November: accidentally missed her follow up :p

First half of 2010, I was probably spending 1-2 hours on speech. We would read, do flashcards. She had just started school, and I still struggled with food. I was also teaching her on table manners, dressing herself, and how to be overt and defend herself.

Second half of 2010, we moved from physical flashcard, to iPad flashcards LOL. All these while, iPhone was handled by Mr. Daddy. iPad- I was more involved coz we're sharing it. We started speech therapy (which didn't work out because of the time factor). But going to speech therapy, u really have a different perspective to language.

Some of the points (and I harp upon):

  • Stick to proper language. Cakap utara was confusing her.
  • Speak c.l.e.a.r.l.y.
  • Speak s.l.o.w.l.y.
  • Make sure she mingles with kids her age.
  • Even though you understand her body language/signs, insist that she voice out her needs.
  • Be supportive, importantly don't doubt her. 
She'll go uh uh uh, and pointing at something- and she gets the stuff. NOT GOOD. She starts babbling, and you say: 'tak faham la what you're saying'. TOTAL NO NO. 

Second half of 2010 was a trying time. We had an overseas holiday, few local holidays, 3 hospital admissions in the household, 2 major exams. It disrupted the family dynamics, but I made sure she has more coaching compared to my own studying needs. Putting my daughter above everything else proved to be very rewarding. 

Picture taken during dad's cousin's grandchild's akikah. I think she was already thinking how hard her life is, kesian kan? Nah exaggerating, she wanted to jump into the pool.


2 Response to "speech progress past 1 year"

  1. Oven Gigs Says:

    Hi Hanim,

    Ni kak wid (oven gigs). Was reading yoru entry and was just wondering..how old is your daughter? and why are you emphasizing on her speech development...sorry lah KPC..sebab my son pun mcm lambat je nak bercakap as compared to his sisters.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hiya Kak Wid (but DH doesnt think You're much older than us).

    She's 3 years 2 months. Up till she was 2,all the speech milestones are never at par. That was when we started to intervene. She had very few words and couldn't string 2 words together at 2.

    She is now speaking 'pelat'ly. Exasperating time for me- she throws a tantrum when I don't understand her. Hmm.. havent been checking speech milestone, but I'm pretty sure she's still lagging behind.

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