can a book swim?

She's back to her 2-3, even 4 baths a day routine. This is her current fav tub at the moment. She outgrew her baby tub long ago. She then took her bath under the tap, while playing in the sink, while wetting mommy... she's pretty creative when it comes to bathing.

She has achieved another bath milestone, bathing under the (adult) shower. She used to hate it (too high up, too big of a radius?)

Once I reach home, she'll do 2 things:
1. Lie on the floor till I pick her up.
2. Gets rid of my glasses.

These days, she'll take off my glasses (gently now, not grabbing and throwing like before)... I think that says: "mommy, lie down/ play/ watch tv with me". I need it to read/ study (slight shortsight on right, and longsight on left post lasik).

So today, (silly me) I left a textbook on the table. She grabbed it, and threw it in her bath *huwaaaaaaaa*. She must've heard it when daddy says, "rendam buku/ tidur atas buku- ilmu masuk via osmosis".

To my dearest Arianna:
No, books can't swim. Ducks can swim, or rather her bath duckies float.


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  1. Roslin Says:

    so cute, maybe just a wee bit jealous that her mommy spends too much time with that particular book;D

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    Haa haa..buku & osmosis haa haa..!
    I see that she has "unconventional" bathtime toys with her in this pic :D
    Armand is the jealous pot in our house. Whenever I'm infront of the laptop by the time they have to go to sleep *usually The Papa tucks them in*, he sometimes grabs my hand and say, " la tido laa". He cant quite say "jom" yet.

    Or when it's afternoon naptime and Mama *still* brings the laptop the bedroom, he'll try to close it and say, "Ta paya la Mamaa...ta paya llaa..".

    Arianna jealouskan buku2 u. Armand jealous kat laptop i..

  3. Hanz Says:

    Ha!Ha! So cheeky aa Arianna...once u off/break from your study, must spent 'bathtime' with her tau, Hanim!

  4. Hanim Says:

    Lin... that's the only small book that I accidentally left lying round *sigh

    Millie... oh yeah, she grabs whatever she fancies hehe. I got used to it, kelakar main pots and pans in the bath kan. Arianna hates the PC, lappie too. Dare not use the notebook in front of her. Desktop, wll she banged the keyboard, that one of the keys got dislodged! Now giving her some privilege in front of PC ie

    Hanz... I usually do. Nowadays she likes to take her own bath, shoos us away. She'll run out butt naked once she's done. I just turned away for a few seconds, she ran out to get a new toy ie my book. She takes whatever she fancies into the bath (usu her toys).

  5. nadnye Says:

    So funny la Arianna... betul dia2 rendam...

  6. Hanim Says:

    Nadnye.... huhu bila buku tu kering... dog eared. Gam dia pun dah lekang. Marah sungguh kat buku2.

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