Happy July

It was supposed to be Happy 4th of July, but I guess I couldn't find time to blog these days. As it is, physics, anatomy and radiography books are calling out to me.

It's 8.40pm and Arianna has fallen asleep. It's too early for bedtime, so once Daddy gets home...pretty sure she's gonna wake up. She took a nap, but too early at 12-2pm.

It's funny, just a day after I blogged about how she doesn't string 2 words, she did it! She said "ook...mam". Translation: cat...eat. Er don't ask why the cat's name is Ok@Ngok.

I was anticipating right lower molar, and didn't realise she had a left lower molar *LOL. Brushing her teeth, it's a battle. She's doing it occasionally.

Sadly, she's off the boobs now. She has soup for supper, her equivalent of milk. I did cream of broccoli soup the other day. Other time, instant sadly (no MSG variety). Daddy's job while mommy studies.
She's still into carbonara. She went on 3 nights eating Porto Romano carbonara (not that I don't make it, but the portion was huge).


2 Response to "Happy July"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I'm into carbonara too! Where's Porto Romano..?

    Mcm Little Mama..she wrote a post one day that Izzah still cant walk yet at 14mths..the next day Izzah took her first steps :)

  2. Hanim Says:

    Haha... I think Izzah and Arianna read their mommies' blog.

    Porto Romano in Taman Tun. Known for its yummy lamb shank. We had lamb shank and spaghetti carbonara. Wished we had tried caesar salad etc etc etc. Hehe this warrants a 2nd (3rd, 4th) visit :)

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