Alphard vs Odyssey vs Wish?

Alphard is the tallest at 74". Odyssey is the longest at 200". Wish is the most compact at 63"/180".

Another action-packed weekend, starting with IJN visit this morning. I wonder when I can finally stop googling and really test drive the cars, including the fugly car. I agree with Adzimi when he commented:

I'd go for alphard for long term use. It may look ugly, but the huge space really helps. Bagaikan kindy yg bergerak. And its a powerful car too. Waiting for the day when my Alphard will finally arrive. Amin.


3 Response to "Alphard vs Odyssey vs Wish?"

  1. liz Says:

    I still hate wish hahaha. no offense to wish owners/enthusiasts.. it's just something personal and probably dumb *grins*.
    I dun think alphard is ugly but I do think it's really huge. I'd get it if it feels anything like driving kia grand carnival. Rasa macam bawak hatchback aje altho besar cam paus which I find truly amazing. odyssey baru not so pretty lah.. what happened to that sleek look?

  2. safrul Says:

    hanim....your ODC salah gambar...that is ODC USA market, besar and tall and not sporty....VERY DIFFERENT from ODC Japan market...
    Yang Masuk malaysia version JDM (Japan Domestic Model)

  3. Hanim Says:

    hahaha yes boss... salah gmbr. lain kali google betul2... bukan sambil jaga anak, sambil google and blog.

    Liz.. guess it's still the same old car, salah gambar hahaha. oh yeah alphard is damn huge la

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