post BF Arianna

I've been having problems in uploading photos. Wanted to picture blog Arianna's food actually.

Oh well, might as well do a wordy update then:
  • no more BF
  • no more pumping, and I'm not engorged
  • Arianna's eating better, albeit a fussy one
  • cut down her nap to just one afternoon nap a day
  • sleeps through the night
  • sometimes dry throughout the night too
  • wakes up later (9.30-10.00), coz not looking to BF before mom goes to work
  • takes all sorts of calcium
  • still not speaking much, let alone combining 2 words together
  • uses screwdriver
  • handles the remote control car better
  • spins round and round
  • walks backwards
  • doesn't demand for evening drive
  • loves her (read: our) room, spends so much time in (aircond rarely switched off)
  • begins scribbling- on easel, paper, wall, on mommy too *ouch*
She's able to point out her needs, unfortunately we don't do signs. She'll only talk as her last resort eg taknak if people tries to feed depite her shaking her head. I'll hear mamam if I don't feed her dinner by maghrib.

I'm not worried, because I think she chose not to talk just yet. Just like how she started walking on her own only at 13 months (although walked with assistance for months), only she didn't walk, she runs! I have a feeling once she talks, she's going to talk non stop.

She hums, babbles, squeal when she hears a familiar song, and her dancing is too funny!


2 Response to "post BF Arianna"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Know how to use the screwdriver? Teliti tu.

    Teringin nak tengok Arianna dance!! I love looking at small kids doing the jiggle.

    Cakap pasal dancing, I teringat I guna laptop kat bilik (atas katil dgn Zuleyka), I saja tengok clip Single Ladies by Beyonce..Zuleyka was sitting up and suddenly leaned forward dekat naw dgn screen. Pastu she started shaking shaking, with a serious face. Konon2 dance le tu. Even Armand laughed at her LOL!

  2. Hanim Says:

    Millie..letak je screwdriver on the screw. Can't turn it yet *thank God*

    Haha Zuleyka must've looked cute! I got it on video...ketawa bila tgk. She's so stiff..just kiri kanan mcm robot...or jump up/down.

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