18 months old

She'll turn 18 months today!
Time flies when you have fun, really after the sleepless night, endless poopy diapers.. don't you just love the cheeky monkey?

She's still with her blankie, and we've introduced Meow the Katt (it's actually cute IRL).

We had a hectic May, with ceremony, party, holiday, illness. Mom started a new life, she went on nursing strike. Yep! She finally BF 3 hours ago, after going BF-less for 10 days! She's sleeping better without BF *sob sob* but that should be good for her.

  • Gross motor: runs, goes up and down the stairs as she wishes
  • Fine motor: brushes her teeth, scribbles with pens/markers, feeds herself snacks and meals
  • Speech/language: as previous entry..she's not much of a talker. She makes herself understood with pointing, signing. She knows objects...and would purr at pictures of kittens/cats.
  • Social/emotional: loves approval *clap, clap, clap*, throwing tantrum, able to mix with other kids, less stranger anxiety except to guys, blows a kiss, but have yet to master handshake, dresses/undresses with assistance, insist on feeding herself
  • Physical: still takes 2 naps (for now?), partially toilet trained (can stay dry for 5 hours, only to pee on mommy the moment diaper was removed)
  • Literacy: able to turn pages of books-and the right way up, carries the books around
I wonder if we could continue BF for a few more months?!


4 Response to "18 months old"

  1. rumiza Says:

    insyaallah.arianna akan teruskan bf.maybe she's trying to adapt herself with ur future workload.
    such a gud kid.hepi for u that everything are going right back on the track.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Rumiza.. we'll see how it goes :)

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Before you know it she'll be talking..and you'll be sending her to kindergarten..then off to Standard 1..now that's when things really start to speed up :)

  4. Hanim Says:

    Uiks Millie...now that's fast forwarding too fast!! Hehe I don't think I'd have many kids, so I want it to be slow and steady so I'd get to enjoy every minute of it :)

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