Aqiqah for my babies

This happened last Sunday, been busy (read: moody) to upload the pics. Guess there are plenty of food pics to be blogged. At the moment, she's really jumping ship...from a milk monster to a cookie monster. I miss my milk monster, but she cuddles with me plenty to make up for the absence of BF session.

We actually did 3 bahagian, 2 for Adam and 1 for Arianna. Many couldn't make it as it was the end of school hols perhaps. Performed by the same imam who came for Adam's funeral.

It wasn't sunat for arwah Adam, but we have 'niat' for it. And ustaz was consulted on the matter. We fulfilled the criteria for the aqiqah.


12 Response to "Aqiqah for my babies"

  1. rumiza Says:

    Al-Fatihah for him..

  2. farrahar Says:

    I haven't done aqiqah for my son yet. Hoping to have it done as soon as we can.

  3. Real Woman Says:

    i pun belum buat qiqah for my son. Insyallah Raya Haji ni. by then he's already 10 mths.hehehe

  4. Real Woman Says:

    by the way, alfatihah for adam. moga dia ditempatkan di kalangan para rasul junjungan Allah.

  5. SOHO Mama Says:

    So this was held after we bumped into each other last Sunday..?
    December babies ya..

  6. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Rumiza, Real Woman.

    Farrah, Real Woman.... anak I 18 months baru sempat buat :) Tunggu kemampuan parents etc etc. We weren't keen to do it during pantang days, less than a year old coz we kinda shielded her from big crowd (lower immunity-easier to fall sick yadda yadda)

    Millie... not that Sunday, the week before. See how late my entry is? LOL teruk la I ni. That Sunday when I met u, I was bogged down with physics.

  7. nadnye Says:

    Al fatihah untuk Adam, comelnya berbaju kurung sedondon..
    kami buat Aqiqah ramai2 , kumpul siapa yang nak buat then buat satu event khas yearly . Aqiqah and Qurban... tapi tahun nie senyap jea..hmmm

  8. kaezrin Says:

    Alfatihah for Adam..and arianna and yourseleves nampak comel sgt,..,

    btw i saw u last satursday/sunday if i am not mistaken in KLCC your hubby is carrying the big C paper i right???

  9. ZOORA Says:

    al fatihah untuk adam.. i'm sorry. never knew before.. anyway u look slim :D and both are prtty in baju kurung

  10. Hanim Says:

    Nadnye...thanks. Tapi I pakai double layer jubah tu hehe. Ni aqiqah beramai2. Ada 4-5 kids kot.

    Kaezrin... laa awat tak tegur? Hehe pi beli beg sekolah. Kesian hubby mengangkut groceries and the bag hehe.

    Zoora... thanks. Black is slimming hehe.

  11. SuE KasSiM Says:

    salam, hi utk adam..for the love u gave him even when he's not here..surely he'll be waiting for u eagerly in jannah later..ameen..

  12. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Sue. I'd wait for the day I'll see him again. I never knew I could miss someone so badly.

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