new phone

A picture I got from DH's Facebook.
He came home, one of the things he asked me.... dah tengok FB? I was like huh- your status (boring work stuff usually)? He said no, his mobile upload pic.

Nice way of telling me he got me something.
Why am I blogging this? Coz we both fell asleep early while getting Arianna to bed, and here I am at 2 am, and I still haven't seen it.


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  1. suryati Says:

    OMG sweetnya... buleh tak tetiba i yg rasa cair?

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hehe sila cair :)
    Yeah he's pretty thoughtful, he said that kesian nnt dia dapat Iphone baru, I dok pakai phone cabuk lagi. I was like huh? My phone is still ok :p

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    I pun tak kisah hp cabuk. Asalkan boleh call & text message..! But lately I've been meeting up with school & college friends..most of them FTWM with blackberry sana when my previous ph (dulu2 hubby beli la) got really REALLY cabuk, I got the E71. Tu pun hubby suruh tukar BB..but I'm not on the go a lot so nokia tu pun dah ok lar.

  4. Hanim Says:

    @Millie.... I thought I'd be ok with sms, call, camera... but he's saying I should be FBing, emailling using the phone whenever I have a little bit of free time. At home... I can concentrate on studying :)

  5. nadnye Says:

    BESTNYA HANIM.. bila me nak dapat hp camnie.. p/s sekarang hp cabuk jugak

  6. Hanim Says:

    Nadnye... alhamdulillah rezeki tahun ni. Pakai old phone sampai bateri buat hal, agaknya dia boring kot dengar I komplen2.

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