? "Teaching Will Harm The Child"

Got this email yesterday. It disturbs me that some thinks early learning is harmful. I was browsing through and forum hopping, apparently this is frequently discussed.

Read more here.

Saying that, I should change my labels... instead of 'lesson', it should be fun learning? Homeschooling/ preschooling? Just like other labels of attachment parenting (AP), babywearing (BW), baby led weaning (BLW), exclusively breastfeeding (EBF)... I never did intend to follow a doctrine. I'm just doing something that comes naturally, and giving the best for my child. But apparently most things I do have a label for it :-)

So, it's not lesson then?

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  1. suryati Says:

    partly true, one of the reason why we opt for kidzsport or gymboree, because the class is not too "classy" i.e. its more like playing whch kids enjoy the most.

    btw now lil' Arianna attend memana program tak? hv u found the playskool for her?

  2. Hanim Says:


    That time I was looking for physical class, coz we wnated her to climb. After she mastered most of the obstacle, she got bored *LOL.

    I've been teaching her at home past few months. Now she wants to play with friends, so I guess it's playschool soon.

    Belum finalise playschool. Kena go through mommy, daddy, Tok Mama, Tok Wan.

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Physical activity was never a problem for my boys but with Zuleyka, maybe a lil bit. As I mostly "surrender" all the academic stuff to their school teachers (mostly I just revise with them during tests, exam and homework), my husband and I try to teach them the "others" like manners, good habits etc. Now budak2 dah besar sikit,I need to get them into sports..three weeks lagi ada Trikidz i.e. kids' triathlon so Amsyar & Izzo have to train a bit he hee..

  4. raylis Says:

    salaam hanim,
    i think the issue is not about learning in itself (children are learning every time, lil brains are like huge sponges, mashaa Allaah!); but about structured learning (putting toddlers in preschools where teacher 'teaches' in front, rows of tables n chairs, etc) as kids learn best while at play!
    there's a fear of killing their love of learning, which wld definitely be detrimental in the long run.
    i am a firm believer that children learn best while playing..
    hence why many 'schools' for toddlers out there nowadays turn me off..
    just my two cents...

  5. Hanim Says:

    @Millie.. wow u're one fit momma! I'm struggling with a toddler... but I guess once they're in primary, the teachers are there to guide them. I'm thinking on education before pre school, she wants me to teach... I'm running out of ideas.

    @Ray... yeah those rigid school.. I dunno when I can accept that for her. I like that Montessori kind. It's more like 3 hours of playgroup.

  6. nadnye Says:

    sampai la nie masih tak jumpa which school,center, or whatever they called it .... yang betul2 play n learn... semua rigid n exam orientated

  7. Hanim Says:

    @Nadnye... oh ye ke? Anak u dah besar...so u ada more experience kan. I baru carik playschool *shudder* bila nak cari kindergarten. Kecik2 pun exam oriented? Kesiannya.

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