on intrauterine death

Read Chinnee@MamaPatch entry... a sad outcome of a pregnancy (not hers!), and reminded me of my Adam.
I was pregnant with not much prob, except one day of bleeding in 1st trimester. I thought it was my menses coz I haven't checked the urine pregnancy test (I wasn't late anyway, thus I thought it was menses). No morning sickness, vomiting etc. Heck, we went to Langkawi during the first trimester, travelling to Kuala Kedah, taking the ferry and all.

Only had slight cramps into the 5th month, probably due to urinary tract infection. I was active as ever, only a small rounded belly to cause me to change my wardrobe (from pants into baju kurung haha). Went around for meetings, course, giving talks etc. One day I felt very,very little movement... I went to my gynae 5-6pm and his heartbeat wasn't there. I wasn't: -diabetic -hypertensive -having blood coagulation disorder

The above reasons were running in my mind when the news was broken to me. I did not ask, but stated that i didn't have any risk factor. Next I called DH, and asked where to deliver (my gynae went for Hajj, as I didn't want to go to a government hospital, I have way too many doctor friends in O&G). Went home, collected my thoughts, cried seeing his baby room (cot, clothes, toys and all), later broke the news to my in laws and my family.
Google on intrauterine death, you'd get many causes. But through my own experience of handling maternal child health clinic, presenting mortality cases, gestational diabetes/ known diabetic moms tops the list.

Hypertension and coagulopathy were culprits too, mostly by restricting blood flow to the placenta. In hypertension, the high blood pressure causes resistance in small blood vessels, and the placenta suffers. Even in well controlled hypertension, sometimes you can see placental changes.

In coagulopathy (anti phospholipid syndrome is common), you'd get small clots, and may block the small blood vessels to the placenta. They may have first trimester losses before finally being diagnosed, and upon diagnosis-be on blood thinners throughout the pregnancy. But in latter two, they'd get baby aspirin ie 75mg aspirin as a precaution to take daily.
*Mine was a mystery. Something happened inside and when he struggled, he got cord around his neck sadly.*


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  1. Asmahani Says:

    thanks for sharing. it must be hard for u to recall the sad moments. Al fatihah for Adam.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Asma. His birthday is coming soon, next month. They both are December babies :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to hear had the same experience only my baby was 7months old. went for an ultra sound and there was no heartbeat. he would have born in December of this year.

  4. Hanim Says:

    Dear Anon,

    Must've been hard for u *hugs*. Take care mommy.

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