simple lunch

Started like this:
Then added some carbohydrate (decided to make bunny rice that day).
Simple peas chucked into boiling water :)
As expected, she finished most of the peas, ate 2 sticks of fishball kebabs, ignored the rice. But she took the rice an hour later. I think she's practising this diet: carb+veggie=ok, protein+veggie=ok, carb+protein=no no.


8 Response to "simple lunch"

  1. Rozy Says:

    nak makan pun sampy hati..hehhe

  2. Hanim Says:

    Rozy... yg comel2 la dia suka mkn hehe

  3. adzimi Says:

    Seriously the foods look so cute and fun. I can see that eating time is like play time for her probably; fun!

  4. Hanim Says:

    Adzimi... I take it as a serious business... in my effort to present it to her as a fun thing. That was the precursor of me blogging really :)

  5. h4ni3 Says:

    Nim.. mana beli stick yg comel-comel tu?
    menarik la pulak!

  6. Hanim Says:

    Daiso kat The Curve. Everything is RM5 there. Banyak gak barang bento kat sana.

  7. :Nana: Says:

    bersabar nye mak dia buat meal comel lote tuh.. tabik lah..

  8. Hanim Says:

    Thanks Nana :) Ada gadjet... cepat je sebenarnya

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