Eid Mubarak

This was us doing last minute shopping in OU. Keep forgetting to ask her when she wants her stroller again. To all, have a good Raya. Drive safely, seriously- don't want to have loads of xrays, CT scans due to accidents. Think of your loved ones.
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4 Response to "Eid Mubarak"

  1. Hanz Says:

    Hanim...Salam Aidilfitri to u & your loved ones too! :>

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hey Hanz.... Selamat Hari Raya.... 0-0 ek

  3. deejay Says:

    Selamat Hari Raya... Maaf Zahir Batin ek..

  4. Hanim Says:

    DJ... Salam Aidilfitri to u too. Maaf Zahir&Batin. Mana tau kita gaduh2 ke masa matrics dulu. Tapi I doubt so...u kan peace loving guy masa dulu (&sekarang gak la kot).

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