what happens when daddy goes to Tiny Tapir

Forgot to give credit to DH who braved the LRT during lunch hour to pick up a few stuff from Tiny Tapir. Got the magic stick...special price coz I was the first 10 respondant on the Facebook *yay for FB*. It's awesome, no need to dirty my hands while applying diaper ointment. Smells good too!

That cup is underutilised (she likes blue coloured cups).
We love organic soap. It's really cleansing *duh*. I mean we see a difference compared to commercial shower cream.

Last, but not least, got another 2 Grobaby!! That's the only CD that he approves off. Letting go the rest. I said buy 1, he bought 2. Go figure. Wouldn't be surprised if he buys more.


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  1. Rozy Says:


  2. E`n1x Says:

    wah. u have a great hubby if u ask for one and he comes back with two. hahahah.

  3. Hanz Says:

    thumbs up to your hubby, siap ader preference which CD he approves, my hubby still x kenal which brand goes to which CD..grrr..

  4. Hanim Says:

    Rozy... haha tp sms >10 just confirm apa nak beli, how much things are.

    Enix... yeah... sib baik he likes Grobaby.

    Hanz... I tak try byk2, BB hemp fitted, IB and then Grobaby. Dare not try pockets...sure dia ckp leceh.

  5. nadnye Says:

    hmm.. yealah lucky u Hanim... my hubby also dunno which , what associate to Cd... tapi sejak akhir2 nie baru nak tukarkan CD sarah..

  6. Hanim Says:

    Nadnye... ye la.. tp suka Grobaby je. Tukarkan... hmm masa awal2 dulu dgr la dia komplen busuk, but then tgk anak dia nyenyak tido pakai CD... tak komplen sgt la hahaha.

  7. Adzimi Says:

    Tiny Tapir tu apa?

  8. SOHO Mama Says:

    I'm back..!!
    Been "away"..! Anyway I've been a firm believer of natural, handmade soaps since I started on them more than 2 years ago. Nowadays I go for Soapy. Cheaper than the rest (handmade soaps)..and over time my dry skin doesnt feel so dry anymore eventhough I sometimes had to skip the body lotion if I'm really in a hurry. *muka b'minyak, badan kering kahkahkah*
    I think I'm so used of natural soaps that all the hotel soaps and over-the-counter ones (even Dettol) can make me pening. If I suddenly ran out of Soapy, I ransack my spa gift basket storage area and fish out a Tanamera soap..!

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