worse hotel food ever

I took this picture, thinking that I'd blog about the ease of room service. Instead, I've got to blog about how bad it is. This was in Renaissance. We ordered chicken rice and spaghetti meatball. We were tired from travelling, and I had to leave early the next morning to HUSM.

The rice was DRY, DH had to say it tasted like rice from 3 weeks ago. It was dry and hard. The rest of it was tasteless. The spaghetti, I can't remember. So my poor kid refused to eat it. Pretty ok because she ate sushi rice and fishballs which we brought from home. Unfortunately we only brought those 2 tupperware of food. She went hungry the next day, refusing the buffet breakfast and staged hunger strike while I went for viva.

The only good thing about it was: I passed the viva. Bad thing: poor baby only ate little, only to get tummy ache the next day :(
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