Ikea's easel is kind of dirty after months of usage. Mr. Daddy has improvised and secured a new, smaller, better quality whiteboard. Her favourite thing when she wakes up: drawing. We wonder if she was trying to draw what she dreamt of?!

She drew a tree!
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  1. Asmahani Says:

    haaa..nampaknya dinding pun dah kena conteng.. perkara yang sama di rumah ku, worse sebab ada 2 artis. hehe..

  2. Hanim Says:

    Asma... hehe nampak ye the wall :p Memang banyak dah kena conteng, sib baik upstairs only.

  3. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Nana's at the age of drawing too! She loves to draw flowers and also spell her name. We buy her the magnetic play board. But most of the time she prefers to use actual pen and paper. So sambil kitorang buat kerja, she'll do her drawing :). So far she's been disciplined enough not to touch the walls. For the walls i gave her sticker yg senang cabut tu, got it at PKNS shah alam.

  4. Hanim Says:

    haha..disciplinarian ie mommy's away.. so she accidentally drew on the walls.. way back when she's 1 yr+. We haven't repainted the walls. Now ok la, painting on washable tiles, drawing on paper and easel.

    How is the sticker? Kitorg beli normal stickers yg jual kat stationery shop.

  5. Adzimi Muzni Says:

    Hmm, the stickers are those yg for wall decorative type. And in comes in cartoon characters e.g. winnie the pooh as well as butterflies. So she unstick and stick them according to her liking. We also always buy her those normal sticker book types, tapi so far she's been disciplined enough to stick it only in the books :).

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