That is how people get your bank info:

Dear Valued Client,

We recently notices one or more attempts to log in your HSBC Bank account from a different IP address and
we have reason to believe that your account might have been logged on by a third party without your authorization.

If you recently accessed your account while travelling, the unusual log in attempts may have initiated by you.

However if you are the rightfull holder of the account please click on the log on button below and verify your account information

Failure to verify your information will lead to the temporary suspension of your account online for security reasons

HSBC Bank Plc
I got this email, saja je la tekan login coz I definitely won't use any links via email, most importantly I don't have an HSBC account. It directed to a bogus website.. not a https one.
* in purple: highlighted spelling, grammatical errors. Real banks better not have these mistakes, they'd lose credibility!


3 Response to "phishing"

  1. azzamoro Says:

    tak pernah dapat yang hsbc..selalu dapat maybank punyer emel suruh verify maybank2u. mmg tak caya. tapi, yang pelik, ade jek orang yang terkena...

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    It's getting worse isnt it? Kalau maybank tu urgh jgn cakapla i rasa every 3 days I dapt email "Your account has been blocked". Geram je.

  3. Hanim Says:

    @Azza... ni 1st time from "HSBC"... I think I got an email from "Maybank".. nmpk tak real. Banks should make big advert regarding phishing rather than just some red banner which ppl would click anyway.

    @Millie.. I wonder where they get our email adds from?

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