back pain

(this blog is to share with fellow bloggers, prompted by MommyLyna's entry)

Whoever has been following me on FB would know by now that I have back pain that's killing me. It's on and off past few months, but I couldn't take it when lumbosacral support provided temporary relief only.

Here I am, 2.5 weeks later, after :
  • 2 orthopaedic appointments
  • X ray lumbosacral : anteroposterior, lateral in extension and flexion
  • MRI lumbosacral: T1W, T2W, TSE sequences
  • 6 physiotherapy sessions
  • 2 chiropractor visits

There are so many possible diagnoses, but mine's just disc dessication ie disc degenerative disease ie slipped disc. Well, it sounds bad... but factoring age, activities... I think mild disc protrusion is logical. Slipped disc sounds horrible... it's not like I had a bad fall, that old or something :-)

Conservative is the way to go, I mean not everything in life need surgery (right, Orthopods?). Chiro works on bones/joints (thanks Adrianna, for sharing a place closer to home), physio works on my muscle... now there's another conservative method... rolfing (thanks Uncle Khairol... never knew it before).

I've been neglecting my body, I'm fatter, flabbier despite my improved stamina, bone density post breastfeeding. I forgot my stretching for deep muscles of my back (honestly multifidus was known to me for MRI reporting, never realised it's importance in flexion of the trunk).

Ok, I'm babbling. No pictures... I like real pics rather than googled pic. So click on the links, coz those links are what I've bookmarked for myself. Will share more as I progress towards a more flexible momma.


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  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    I always "blame" my back paid to active school & college days and also high heels! But I never went to check or anything. Apa la I. But it seemed to reduce when I started to take calcium supplements..and glucosamine sulphate. Mcm athritis pulak. And I drink susu kambing + spirulina coffee everyday. Ok now I'M babbling. hee hee.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Millie... yeah I blame so many things too.. and put off MRI for as long as I can. I wanted to go for chiro, but never dared to do so until I kknow my nerves are safe.

    Good diet tips, but wow susu kambing? I know it's good... huhuhu just not palatable enough for me :)

  3. yus Says:


    Bloghoping from sohomama's blog.

    I also have back pain, yet never done anything yet. Takut!! Is chiropractic ok?

  4. Hanim Says:

    Hi Yus..

    sori forgot to reply. So far so good, been there 4-5 times? I lost track. Plus the fact I'm doing my back exercises.

    Tapi from what I read, diorg pun advice bawak xray, MRI of the spine. I buat bebenda tu dulu... takmau la membahayakan my spinal cord and nerves :)

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