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At the very last minute, DH wanted to make Arianna's passport today! Over his lunch time. So, wasn't very last minute darling...u left the tabs on IE on my PC. Read the requirements, called up Hanna just to be sure of certain stuff.

We needed:
-birth cert & copy
-daddy's IC & copy (no worries... we photocopied there, that wasn't mentioned in the website). That parent who signed, thumbprint taken, must aso be there to pick it up (so DH has to squeeze some time to pick it up tomorrow yeah?)
-2 passport sized photo (they have a booth: RM10 for 4 pics, cheap rite? But we already have her pics)

It took us less than an hour!! Parking was RM1.50 for the first hour. That's what we paid! Amazing. How is that possible??

Nombor ekpress untuk kanak-kanak bawah umur 2 tahun, warga tua berusia lebih 70 tahun, orang kurang upaya. Apa laa... orang gomen mestila tahu. Macam kat klinik la.
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6 Response to "immigration"

  1. DNNA Says:

    Hehehehe ...

    Hanim - sungguh mudah, bukan??
    Best betul ada kaunter ekspress ni ...

  2. Hanim Says:

    Dian... ye la bagus kan.. tapi tinggal 2 bulan je till Arianna turns 2! Tak pernah pegi plak gomen services sebelum nih... tuh harini jakuns sket.

  3. Muna Adam-Rayan Says:

    cepat je sekarang ni..
    nak gi mana arianna?

  4. Rayhana Says:

    the best part is the parents pun boleh tumpang anak skali :p

  5. glam.mama Says:

    Yep, what Rayhana said is true, and I was genuinely surprised but very glad ;D

  6. Hanim Says:

    @Muna... thought of Singapore Christmas, but tak jadi la... coz next June mmg nak pegi... malas pulak pegi selalu hehe (dangerous shopping paradise)

    @Ray... so blur.... we should've. But then again rugi pulak since we're travelling next year.. passport still valid till Oct 2010.

    @Adrin... Malaysia is slowly becoming a developed country? But yay to small kiddies.

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