In Nuclear Medicine past 2 weeks, so much to do and learn, so little time! Sucky broadband connection doesn't help either.
Surviving without my dose of early morning coffee since Tuesday. Of course I had 2 days worth of withdrawal headache, but hoping this will last this time around. It's such a diuretic that I get pretty dehydrated when I'm fasting.

I'm gonna be a SAHM for the next couple of days. Let's see what my daughter is up to then.
She's currently:
  • having teething fussiness
  • in tomato ketchup frenzy (Heinz only)
  • eats nasi impit and kuih raya during open houses
  • bathes, eats, dresses herself, chooses her own dvd, goes up and down the stairs, opens doors (not the knob type) on her own
  • working on peeing on the potty (till I recognise her signs, it's just the poo bit for now)
  • enjoying company, DH's colleagues has kids her age
  • still likes my anatomy text/diagram
  • likes books better


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