a day in the life of a fussy eater

Breakfast: bread@banana (C), milk@yogurt drink (D), egg@cheese (P)
Lunch: She wanted egg&watermelon, leaving her carb (C) and other protein(P)
Nuggets- never tried it before, was bought in case Haariz, Idrees datang.

Teatime: bread (C) and sausage (P)

Dinner/supper: soupy pasta (C)

I'm always thinking in terms of (C) carbohydrate, (P) protein, (D) dairy. Not too worried about fat, because we do use olive oil, minimal butter in food preparation. She'd get her fibres, vitamins from her veggie and fruits.

Eggs and cheese are protein too (plus soy, beans, nuts, tofu etc)... I just can't think of conventional protein *I know, I know*.
--> me muttering to myself


2 Response to "a day in the life of a fussy eater"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh hanim..sorry we cant make it the other day. my seminar habis at 3pm :(
    minggu lepas busy with the Walk pulak.
    Hopefully can bring the kids to ur place someday..
    btw, haariz panggil arianna 'baby girl' :)
    puas he tried to describe to me, 'baby girl' yg main game dengan dia.. (though arianna tak main pon game PS tu pon kan?)

  2. Hanim Says:

    Hehe Haariz so cute! Taklaa Arianna tak pandai main PS.

    Takpe nanti kita arrange some other weekend. This weekend I pun busy.

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