cloth pads

Pics on the right, local WAHM products (snexy, Saffa).
Pics on left, imported pads (Cyclez, HagRag) from Tiny Tapir shop.

3 pantiliners, 2 light pads, 3 day pads, 3 heavy pads.

Velcro vs snaps.
AIO vs insert.


6 Response to "cloth pads"

  1. wiera Says:

    Hanim, I can't see the pics of the cloth pads

  2. Hanim Says:

    aiseh... it was fine at home. was trying to upload the collage straight form picassa. will post the pic when i get home :)

  3. tuan punya blog Says:

    Hanim, now that you have ventured into cloth pads, you must try mooncup! I have been using it since uni days. FAB! Can't live without it now.My cloth pads pun ntah mana letak pun dah x igt.Love reading your blog (and very impressed that you still have time for it -ya la kja sibuk kan)Arianna makin besar makin cumil :)-fid

  4. Hanim Says:

    Fid, great to hear from u. Didn't kow ublog as well, abt food plak tuh. Mooncup... er gory sket hehe. Have read, researched on it.. I think later lah. Very few using it in M'sia... but I dah pegang2 la :)

  5. mama shmontel Says:

    amboi!! tengok koleksi cloth pad dia! hehehe...

  6. Hanim Says:

    Minus the Cyclez and Hag Rag...I actually 90% CPed (such a word?) last cycle. Not bad eh?

    Buy local WAHM product, tak la mahal sgt :)

    Yg tergantung tu Mye, jgn tertipu... half tu was Itti Bitti mini booster Arianna. Had to jemur dalam rumah coz if the weather.

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