babywearing : pouch

Second carrier, after the ring sling.

Baby Wombie/My Indulgenze pouch
It is reversible to pink.
It was all cotton material, I find it restricting.

My Lovely Closet pouch 
This is non reversible.
Its material has some stretch (like Littlepods), it's easier to use.

I was a pouch newbie... so I ended up having 2 pouches within 2 weeks *shaking my head*
But a sleeping baby is like a log... too heavy. Thus I used 2 pouches and spread her weight to both shoulders.
This was when I realised I need a 2 shouldered carrier.
She was 7-8 months, and I discovered Malaysian Babywearers Organisation... the forum was just up at this point.
There was no turning back.....


5 Response to "babywearing : pouch"

  1. neeza Says:

    macam pelik jer.. kena pakai 2-2 sekali ker?

  2. Hanim Says:

    Guna satu bila long hours ie bila dia tido...berat yg amat, so pakai another pouch dpt la distribute the weight.

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    U guna 2 pouch tu nampak mcm Moby Wrap pulak..! I only have one pouch and one RS. Waiting for another RS and of course, the Mei Tai..*suka gembira*

  4. herni Says:

    kalau dua2 kaler sama dah mcm wrap kan? ;)

  5. Hanim Says:

    Millie... but waaaaaay simpler than wrap. Actually wrap is ok, it's just me- geli to have the wrap meleret ke lantai before tying.

    Herni... not as comfy as wrap... wrap dpt distribute weight to both shoulders, waist.... but foohhh panas la if wrap material tebal.

    Oh.. someone is on a shopping spree I see?? LOL

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