weaning to solids : 9-10 months

It was pretty simple till this period. I had a variety of carbohydrate, fruit and vegetable in my cooking list. Arianna would be contented with simple taste, the natural taste of the food. 

Note that I started giving her cheese. She had shown allergic reaction to cow's milk, but cheese, yogurt etc are processed dairy products. The lactose are already broken down during the processing, thus easier on their digestive system. However, she vomited the cheese...so we waited for few weeks till we tried again.

Since I was having loads of sushi, it's only natural Arianna wanted some too. Daddy bought calrose rice, the one they used for sushi. Surprise, surprise (or not?) she loves it. We did not add vinegar, sugar, salt into it though (unlike the sushi).

I was slowly introducing more protein to her. She still loves fish over chicken/ beef/ lamb

9 months:

calrose/sushi rice 

10 months:
carrot noodle 
goat cheese 
olive oil 
white bread 
wholegrain bread 


3 Response to "weaning to solids : 9-10 months"

  1. Hanz Says:

    I'm a lousy cook. Resulting my elder boy tak berapa pandai makan. Inspired by u, I pun nak variety-lah for my 2nd boy. Since I'm so lazy, the slow cooker really help me. :> Today, my baby having milled oats blended with apples, cooked with slow cooker of course. :>

    Reminded me to google for more crockpot recipe specifically for baby below 1 year old.

  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    Samalah I, anak dah 4 tapi kdg2 soooo malas nak buat baby food! And the baby refusing cooked food doesnt help either!!
    I watched Rachael Ray today, got this lady doing crockpot cooking for a whole year (azam tahun baru, tiap2 malam dia nk masak guna crockpot). Mcm menariks. I watched it while on my hospital bed. I just got discharged nih. Yesterday lipoma removal from my right shoulder :D

  3. Hanim Says:

    Millie..hope u're recovering well.

    U guys, nak tak nak kena rajin buat baby food (now toddler food). She doesn't want instant stuff eg Neslac, didn't have a maid.

    I have a slow cooker, but only used it <5. Never did cook baby food using it, cepat lagi atas stove.

    OCD, tak berani pun nak biar slow cooker yg amat slow to be on lama2.

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