overdue tag

The rule of this award is to:

1. Copy badge “2008 Cute’s 3logger Award” (as above) and paste into ur blog
2. Link the wonderful person who gave this award to u

3. Next, u have to state 10 random facts about urself/hobby before choosing the another 10 recipents for this award
* long overdue, it's 2009 already*
* guess after the 25 random facts, another 10 should come easy?*
  1. I almost hit the toll gate today (next time letak balik TnG card dlm SmartTag ASAP)
  2. I had once hit a toll gate (KESAS highway), bukak slow sgt
  3. Slow drivers on the right lane irritates the he!! outta me
  4. I think SAHM is harder than being a FTWM
  5. I want 3 kids (2 down, 1 to go)
  6. I'm an IT dropout
  7. I feel Arianna's growing up too fast
  8. I live with my in laws coz I'm their fav (read: the only)
  9. I'm lazy (I think) coz DH would vacuum, not me
  10. I love new places, new challenges - thus I need a career move this year!
Tagging my daily read:
  • Mye (tagging her back)
  • Millie
  • Hanz
  • Elly (dia tak buat lg even tho Mye dah tag)
  • Farrah (CD otai)
  • Norsurayahanie (found my old part time roomie in HUKM)
  • Mommy Qaisara
  • Hanna
  • Wawa (BW online friend)
  • Babyripp (also coz tak buat lagi)


5 Response to "overdue tag"

  1. Hanz Says:

    TQ. Seriously, I will delay coz frm other bloggers pun i x buat lagi. Very the malasi...:P

    Nothing-lah, just some song by Bon Jovi. Hayati liriknya, best tau to keep u moving!

  2. liz Says:

    eh I dah buat lahh ehehehe.. funny the hitting the toll gate incident. I once dropped the tnG card when driving off. Luckily that was in Gopeng and takde kereta lain hahahah

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    Woops I'm guilty of not doing some earlier tags oso..takpe will try will try yaaa..

  4. mama shmontel Says:

    oh, slow drivers on right lane irritates me like h3ll too! some ppl just feels like the right lane is the normal/regular lane. kenderaan lambat sebelah kiri lah!

  5. Hanim Says:

    eh... unfair kan i tag org for my long overdue tag :p

    plus this was for my old blog.. not this new blogspot :)

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