my best friend - my breast pump

It's my best friend (item wise) since 5 days post partum till now. LO is almost 16 months old now.
*my bag is baby blue in colour

I love it because:
  • dual pump
  • double phase expression
  • it has its own cooler bag/ice brick
  • thoughtful compartments/bag

I hate the weight. I weigh 8kg extra with all the pump parts/cooler/pump motor. I hate the fact that I didn't get friendly help by the local distributer when I needed the adapter. So sakit hati, that I wrote to Medela. Of course, no reply from the local company.

Moral of the story: don't drop the adapter. It costs RM240, and half day of emergency leave.


2 Response to "my best friend - my breast pump"

  1. Ameda Purely Yours Says:

    The moral of the story is nice.
    It tells we have to keep belongings of such an important items very carefully.

  2. Hanim Says:

    Wish there are more BF moms, where there's demand, there will be supply. It'd be great if there are more choices of shops (offering competitive price) and more brands. Ameda... so far very few outlets are carrying it... I can't imagine the support.

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