Kizsports & Gym

legal disclaimer: not paid for this entry (although they should :p)

Arianna stays at home, taken care by my wonderful in laws. When she turned one, we thought that it is time for her to develop her social skills, and be around with other kids.
After scouting around, we enrolled into the OU branch, although we initially wanted to go to Bangsar (her previous fav hangout). But OU is just 5 minutes away, and it was a great decision coz PIL have the option of bringing her there during the weekdays. They brought her there this afternoon in fact :)

Arianna was finally settled in after 4 classes. I think it's because:
  1. Daddy was shooed away
  2. She had 2 biji ciku prior to the class
  3. She woke up late at 8.15am, it kinda make up for her missed morning nap
Pics are from my handphone camera, so it's a bit of a blur.
I like teacher Farizah (plus she's married to my dad's cousin).
Arianna knows how to go over and go under the skipping rope. She said bubbles, and ate one of it!


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  1. E`n1x Says:

    wah, mcm menarik. where and what is this? how old must ur child be to be enrolled? =D

  2. mama shmontel Says:

    arianna looks definitely happy! must go kizsport ou la one of these days...nampak spacious sgt compared to the one ig g.e. mall

  3. Hanim Says:

    E'n1x, I think they have classes for all ages... lil crawler, lil walker, lil rompers (tak ingat exactly, but it's on the website)

    Arianna was enrolled at 14 months, masuk little walker class. 45 mins, singing, physical activities, bubbles, parachute etc etc etc and it varies (so that teacher pun tak boring haha).

  4. farizah Says:

    Hello Hanim

    Thank you for the compliment.Well im so happy that Arianna is slowly coming out frm her shell..yes,daddy is definately not allowed in class..hahaha:) Ow..the pictures you took are nice & colourful..& tak blur pun,

  5. Hanim Says:

    Yay, Teacher Farizah found us here :)

    Yesterday was the second time without daddy around, and Arianna was participating in class. Pelik la... goes to daddy for rescue. I guess I'd be the one pegang rotan later on *LOL.

    Mye.. Sarah is soon turning 2 kan?

  6. mama shmontel Says:

    yup yup..turning 2 very soon!

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