babywearing : ring sling

My first BW gear... a ring sling from The Baby Loft. Audrey was very helpful in teaching the basic positions (LO was only 3 weeks old)

  • chic colour
  • supportive fabric
  • easy to adjust
  • easy to adjust = easy to slip
  • rings are too slippery in combination with the silk
Too sayang (and lazy) to unpick and redo the shoulder. So I got myself another one :)


2 Response to "babywearing : ring sling"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    TBL silk RS is my second gear..but yes, easy to slip. Especially with Armand, asik melorot je sebab tu dgn dia I guna pouch. Since hubby always back-carry Armand esp during around-the-neighbourhood-cycling with the boyz (bahaye ke ni..ntah le..!), I'm thinking of getting a mei tai too. And I just placed an order with too. Betul le farrah kata, i ni senang diracuni kahkahkah..!

  2. Hanim Says:

    oh u need more carriers, coz diff situation requires diff carrier :)

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