babywearing : Mei Tai (MT)

My first encounter with mei tai. I wonder what/whose MT I tried on that day. I met Farid & lil Idrees. Arianna was still chubby at 8 months *check out her arms*.

*that was among the last time Arianna used her decorative shoe, got it from M&S, so pretty*

The first Malaysian Babywearers Organisation gathering I joined. Great ladies (Shada, Adriana, Jess, Aida, Mye, Nita, Farid, Joanne, Grace ?MIA ) and we stayed in touch. Joanne is the founder of Littlepods.
I finally owned my first MT. Grabbed it during the second meet, no pics as Arianna was sick. I attended alone :( Great thing was, I was the first to get the tester of Mei's Mei Tai. It's so our colour and pattern - blue paisley!! It's still Arianna's favourite, she grabs the green straps if she wants to be carried at home. The green is sweet, believe me coz I'm not a fan of green.
*9 months old, not walking yet - hates stroller, loves being carried*
*check out Arianna's Cl*rks shoes, great for crawler to walker stage - she was size 3 1/2 that time*


7 Response to "babywearing : Mei Tai (MT)"

  1. Wawa Says:

    i dah jarang guna sekarang
    sebabnya dah jarang keluar rumah.

    tapiada hati nak grab LP ssc and nak try RS halina.


  2. SOHO Mama Says:

    My first MT is on its way..! Ipoh-mali :)
    Tak sabar nak try.

  3. Hanz Says:

    I'll be following suit..sabar, sabar...
    Hanim, r u referring to Clarks shoes? Hambali dah outgrown his, actually hands me down from his big bro.

  4. herni Says:

    MT siapakah di atas sekali sebelah farid tuh~? so lovely~~

  5. Hanim Says:

    jgn terburu2 jual... survey/test/pinjam dulu yg lain. cuma susah coz Wawa kat Melaka. tp nnt MBW library dah open, leh courier je kot? kena tanya Jess.

  6. Hanim Says:

    Herni... kena tunggu Farid jwb, coz I don't know either.

    Millie... Snugg MT ke? seronok can customise kan?

    Hanz... yeah Clarks... she's using her 3rd one now. Haven't found anything else as comfy. Aih every 2 mths kena beli.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hanim, herni..
    itu ada DIY. I made that. its red cudroy..which I am so lucky to find it. cukup2 je untuk buat MT. ingat nak let go sbb jarang pakai.. but.. sayang la. sentimental value!!

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