Manhattan Ro@ch and Chips?

Buruk betul gambar nih... weekly makan at MFM Ikano (testing out using a Nokia camera phone actually)... this was when I was pregnant with Arianna.. I think I must have fish weekly. Fish and chips had to suffice coz I can't have my usual sushi, sashimi during pregnancy.
Went for lunch with my parents today. Went to Subang Parade coz I picked them up at their place.
We were seated at table 5 (according to supervisor Syafiq). See what I saw? Ada small creature tuh. I hate these creatures...sib baik tak jerit (pernah jerit2 till mom in law thought ada pencuri).
I freaked coz saw another 2...from the next table. Mesti ada kampung kat bawah kaki meja tuh.

My dearest sorry for bringing u there!
We both ate grilled salmon (no salt, thanks for following my instruction) with buttered rice. She ate quite a bit of the salmon, none of the rice as expected. I should've ordered chips (yummy but unhealthy food for mommy).

To mom and dad...hope no food poisoning. If ada... we'll have to see if Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Petaling is interested.
*** being dramatic... even sms DH cepat2....coz I super duper geli with LIPAS!! padahal resuscitate orang berdarah2 all, jahit2 luka okeh je ***


7 Response to "Manhattan Ro@ch and Chips?"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    aritu i makan kat yg forest gump nye kedai tu apa nama.. ala lupa la.. banyak nyamuk la plak!

  2. Hanim Says:

    Bubba Gump kat The Curve tuh? DH asyik2 sebut...but I said- it's gelpa...sure LO tak suka. Patutla byk nyamuk kot.

  3. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    hi hanim! was blog-hopping and it landed me to this wonderful site of yours.....

    i enjoyed fish & chips too when i was expecting areya (our daughter), i ate like every other day...heheee....

    anyway, my daughter's name is areyana dianna and we called her areya....

    do visit my blog yeah!

    p/s : yucks to roaches at MFM, subang parade....

  4. Hanim Says:

    Hi Anis..yeah I even get goosebumps looking at the blur photo (sheesh).

    Maybe Ariannas/Areyanas love fish n chips :)
    Will visit ur blog!

  5. SOHO Mama Says:

    Hanim..I loved eating at MFM too when I was pregnant. Infact, I just liked eating (pregnant or un-pregnant)..!

    Apa laa ada lipas kat outlet mcm MFM..sheeshhh..I love reading how Arianna finishes or nearly finishes her food, salmon lah, pasta lahh...baguz la Arianna nih!

    During my 1st pregnancy, I asked my mom what were her do's and dont's in food when SHE was pregnant with us. Dia kata hentam kromo je. I also asked my obgyn at SJMC at that time, "can I eat sushi?". She said ye, during my four pregnancies, I ate sushi. But no half-boiled eggs lah. About 5mths or so, I even ate tapai, with vanilla ice-cream. Kalau org tua2 tahu ni mesti marah kan! Alhamdulillah anak2 I setakat ni takde allergic ke apa.

  6. Hanim Says:

    Millie...I love those sushi with raw fish, confirm cannot eat :p

    Half boil egg.. habis je pantang...mkn tah brape biji hilangkan kempunan.

    Come to think about it... is that why Arianna loves sushi, eggs so much..sbb mommy kempunan nak makan?!

  7. mama shmontel Says:

    mfm foods are overpriced la huhu.....makan situ recently, for 2 people rm100++....*yikes*...rasa mcm kena pau pun ada (coz the food tak best pun, kalau best xde la komplen on the pricing kan...heh..).

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