at 15 months... her food evolved

Penne Pomodoro
Spiral Pomodoro
Tomato Rice
Sole with Mix Veg
Creamy Beef Spiral
Chicken Tomato Soup
...added penne pasta
Spaghetti Salad
Nasi Ayam


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  1. Ummi Salsabila Says:

    rajinnye u masak!! sempat lg masakkan for arianna fav,nasi ayam! yummy!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    adoi.. u buat i lapar la..

  3. Hanim Says:

    US - ha ah still masak special. Tapi dah makin senang sbb dia mkn food orang besar. Tu yg buat nasi ayam :)

    Farid - tu mesti tgk just before lunch. Pi lunch kat Ampang Park jgn bwk duit byk2 tau.

  4. SOHO Mama Says:

    Hanim, I pun kan lagi suka masak "one-dish meal" sebenarnya. Well..who doesnt? MASAK boleh lah, tapi bab MAKAN I nak jugak more than one-dish haa haaa..!

    I love cooking pasta dishes for the children too. But only Amsyar takes food well, tak cerewet naw. He eats a lot too. Tapi dia lah yg paling kurusszzz :D

    I have a few pics of food to publish on my blog too..nanti lah..hmmm rasa mcm nak mkn benda manis lah ni..

  5. Hanim Says:

    Millie... trying to do just protein/veg..but I find it very hard to make her eat her carbs. So campur je la, maybe few pieces of pasta will get into her mouth.

    I like AIO dishes... easy to eat :)

    Byk mkn tapi kurus?Oh noooo... anak I dah cukup kurus... coz super active girl.

  6. syaz Says:

    AIO dishes? bunyik cam CD jek ni.. hehehe :P
    Bu the way.. you cook lots with tomato yah..
    I find that Ari also likes tomato..
    But itu budak punya favourite is cheese..
    Ha can eat a lot of cheese! aiyo..
    I tgh nak add more variety to his food ni..tiru2 sikit yours k hanim! :D

  7. Hanim Says:

    hehe... Arianna loves cheese too! Tomato n cheese.. mmg boleh idup la kat Italy :)
    I penat pikir idea nak masak.. u cuba la tgk anak u suka tak, if not u pun kena come up with many recipes for Ari :)

  8. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    hanim, you made me salivating over those delicious food..... hmmmm... if only areya is a good eater..... I prepared home cooked meal for her too but she prefers to have only carbo, so I have to hide those proteins and veges... only recently she's quite receptive to salmon pasta, chicken pasta... otherwise, it's only pasta and cheese..... when it comes to rice, soup and kicap is a must...thus, I hv to prepare variety of clear soup on daily basis...anyway, she has passed her picky eater stage.... alhamdulillah.... kalau tak, each time she refused her meals, i yang risau... takut tak cukup makan...

    i m glad arianna is a good eater....

  9. Hanim Says:

    Anis, she's a picky eater! I'd have to crack my head to cook, and prepare at least 2 dishes... so she can pick whatever she wants.

    unfortunately, she's not into protein and carb (unless she's into pasta frenzy). other times, she'll pick and eat the veg... throw the rest, and demands her fruits/yogurt/jelly.

    sometimes she likes fish, sometimes not.
    carbo - thank God for bread!

  10. Anis Zainal-Pacleb Says:

    hahaahaa.... we're in the same boat then... pening kepala kan? i hv to prepare at least 2 dishes too everyday but one of it must be either, noodle or pasta and areya can eat noodles or cheesy pasta like everyday... *sigh*

    dun you worry babe, 'this' stage will pass soon before you know it.....

  11. Hanim Says:

    Anis.. I used to be soup person, my maid got bored with my nasi putih, sup ayam daily!

    Arianna gets bored easily, just like her dad hehe.

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