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Oh no, this blog is lacking in food entries lately... with my enthusiasm of babywearing and cloth diapering entries.

Arianna has quite a number of recipes from November-February. You can click on ARCHIVES and it will direct you to my Vox blog (which has now become mommy's retreat).

I've been cooking her (same old same old) recipes, but she's mainly on big people food. She eats at the table with us, and the whole family has adapted to no-salt-please cooking. She does get exposure to outside food too:
  • Wendy's
  • McDonald's (it's us actually, she only had pitta while we gulped down our food)
  • Pizza Hut
  • Manhattan Fish Market
  • Delicious
  • Starbucks
  • Yogi Tree
  • Vivo
  • Italiannies
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Senjyu
  • Yoshinoya
  • Sushi King
  • New Zealand Natural
  • Gelatissimo
Where else? Time for bed... brain's slowing down. 
*mental note : to blog March / April food.


4 Response to "big people food"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    No-salt-please cooking? When dining out too? Kuat betul willpower you all! As for me, most of the time I try to use EVOO (tapi lauk melayu tak leh lah haa haa) and of course no MSG. Tapi garam kena letak jugak :P

    It's good of you to train Arianna from small :)

  2. Hanim Says:

    What's EVOO?

    Hmm yg ala carte kena freshly prepared bolehla mintak no salt. Kat umah, the guys (DH&FIL) sure carik kicap&cili punyer.

  3. SOHO Mama Says:

    EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Ini dah terikut-ikut Rachael Ray cakap..

  4. Hanim Says:

    I'm so out of date... who's Rachael Ray? seriously! hadoi i should watch other things, not just playhouse disney channel hahaha

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