babywearing : Mei Tai

This is an old pic, a day before her first birthday and we were out shopping. She had a traumatic day... first ever nebulisation due to bronchiolitis. Thought we might cheer her up, by looking at Christmas deco, toys for her upcoming birthday. She ended up sleeping in the Babyhawk. Love the stiff headrest.

note: I prefer front carry if she's sleeping so that I can ensure her head doesn't flop. But since she was already asleep, we had to make sure her head is okay, airway clear. I've developed eyes behind my head to check up on her... nah, just keep checking out at the mirror, or DH's job.
I only have 2 mei tai(DH's gonna read and say ONLY 2?).
Love them both. 
(LO's sleeping, so I did some camwhoring...of course la I'm not a professional photographer)
Mei's tester collection

Babyhawk on top of Mei's

Anyone wants to teach me how to fold MT compactly? BH, I still haven't folded especially at the stiff headrest part (just like how we take care of 'awning' Munawwarah :p)


3 Response to "babywearing : Mei Tai"

  1. SOHO Mama Says:

    Aiyah, how many MTs do you have lahh? Terrer u. BTW love your camwhoring pics. Kelakar pulak tengok MT-MT tu "in action"!

  2. Hanim Says:

    2 je Millie.. the Babyhawk and Mei's Mei Tai :)
    The pic was to show MT imported or local, about the same je.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I ada post how to fold your MT in MMT (Mei's Mei Tai) blog.

    nah. click here :

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